4. Registration

4.1. Programme Registration with University of Manchester

Students are required to be registered with UoM. This registration will be effected by ifs University College passing student data to the UoM at the start of the programme and will cover the whole period of study with UoM for the award.

4.2. Module Registration with ifs University College

4.2.1. Students must check the availability of a module before registering. The current list can be found here. All modules are offered subject to demand and some may only be offered once a year. Should a module be withdrawn, students will have the opportunity to register for a final course of study.

4.2.2. There is no restriction on the number of modules students may study at any one time but see paragraph 6.4, Pre-requisites.

4.2.3. Students registering for more than 1 module for a study session must check that the modules chosen are not to be examined at conflicting times. The schedules for examination sessions can be found here.

4.2.4. Students with special educational needs must advise ifs University College as soon as reasonably practical to do so; see Requests for Reasonable Adjustments: paragraph 5.

4.2.5. Registration for a course of study must be made: for a course of study commencing 1 February on or before the  31 December of the previous year for a course of study commencing 1 August on or before the preceding 30 June

4.2.6. Registrations will not normally be accepted after the deadline has passed.

4.3. Changes to module registration

4.3.1. Once a student has begun a course of study for a module, they must either complete or withdraw from the course of study.

4.3.2. A charge may apply for withdrawing from a module depending on the timing of the application. Details can be found in the Cancellation / Withdrawal policy. Students must complete the appropriate form and return it to ifs University College within the published deadline.

4.3.3. Students cannot defer their assessment for a module. If they are experiencing difficulties with their course of study, they should immediately inform ifs University College. See also Extenuating Circumstances, paragraph 13.