University College

ifs University College was granted University College title in August 2013 by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

Institutions applying for University College title are required to meet rigorous standards in terms of academic quality, governance and student experience in order for their application to be successful. The grant of the title therefore clearly demonstrates that the qualifications and learning experience provided by ifs University College are of the highest quality.

ifs University College has a long history of innovation in financial education. It was at the forefront of the establishment of professionalism within the UK banking industry in 1879 when it was founded as the Institute of Bankers, it was the first professional body to make its professional award a degree, the first to launch full-time degree and Masters programmes, the first to be able to award its own degrees and now the first to be granted University College title.

The grant further enhances the value of ifs University College qualifications to its students who will gain a qualification that is more recognisably from a higher education institution as well as a professional qualification already recognised widely by the financial sector.

It also greatly supports its unique breadth of provision in financial education. Its programmes traverse the educational spectrum; from Level 1 to 3 qualifications taught in schools across the UK, full-time programmes for those aspiring to careers in financial services, part-time undergraduate degrees and regulatory qualifications for existing professionals, right through to specialist Masters programmes delivered to senior practitioners worldwide.

The financial services sector and related industries now have a University College embedded within their very fabric that is dedicated to advancing their skills and professional educational development. This is particularly relevant given the increased impetus on qualifications and professional standards following the financial crisis. University College title comes at a time of heightened awareness at all levels of government and industry on the importance of professional skills to our economy.

ifs University College remains unique in the educational world in spanning the academic/professional “divide”. Its close industry links and history mean that its programmes accurately reflect the knowledge and skills required by employees and employers and provide unrivalled opportunities for its students to experience the professional world while studying.

As a result of gaining University College title, membership, professional designations and related continuing professional development services will be incorporated into the Institute of Financial Services, the professional body of ifs University College. The Institute has a remit to improve industry standards and support professionalism in financial services.

The arrangement means that for the first time there is a degree awarding body that has its own linked dedicated professional body to provide alumni and members with focused and specialised professional services.

Students, members and alumni of the ifs School-of-Finance can find out more about how University College title might affect them by visiting the University College Q&A page.